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We Welcome Link Requests from any Well Designed Classic Car, and Classic Car Related Sites that exchange link for link, and understand that we do not engage in Triangle Links, (one Way links) with any site. "We require a New site be online long enough to have a Minimum PR 2 Rank." We also run monthly checks of all links, and remove any that have dropped our links, or have switched them to another site. We also remove any site that is not fully functional when we visit so it doesn't reflect on our site as a broken link. If this happens, please re-contact us when your site is back up, and we will re-establish our Partnership at that time. We Are Not a General Links Directory Site, and as such, do not link to Pharmacy Sites, Porn Sites, General Links Sites, Gambling Sites, Sites with Porn Advertising sites, and Un-related sites Etc. Thank you For your interest in linking to, and we appreciate your understanding.

We no longer exchange links with Traffic Schools or Related Traffic School Sites due to Problems in completion of their link exchange Obligations. Sorry for the In-convenience!

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We are linked to these sites having been fully assured that they are Honest, and provide the services to the fullest as they advertise. While we check as fully as we can the validity of the linking sites to assure the higest standard, we are in no way responsible for anything promised, or services provided by linking sites. We are only responsible for our own Services, and the promotion of the Beautiful American Classic Car.

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